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March 15, 2006 by tweedz
So I am just wondering but I come from a state where smoking bans have been put into effect with in the last year and have been modified since being put in effect. I am wondering what others think of it and what other states have that are related to this. I personally don't agree with the somking ban, I believe that businesses should have to right to choose if they want smoking or not. I think that if they are a smoking facility they should have to adhere to higher air quality standards. Like ha...
March 7, 2006 by tweedz
On a sad note many of you may have heard the famous Twins Player Kirby Puckett passed away late last night. Now as a child I grew up watching him play baseball and I named my cat after him. I wanted to name him Kirby Puckett but we had to shorten it to just puckett because he wouldn't answer to the whole thing. Not that any of his family and friends will read this but I am sincerely sorry and offer my deepest regrets and condolanceses to him family. He was due to get married sometime soon so tha...
March 3, 2006 by tweedz
So Life as I know it has taken so many unexpected turns since the new year began. I am bogged down with school and work like you wouldn't believe but then I find my self wanting to date but wondering if I would even have the time to do that. I know it would be hard but I need that someone to have in my life. Don't get me wrong I love being single the freedom is great but I want someone to talk to about things I can't talk to others about. I love my life right now (except that I live with my pare...
February 28, 2006 by tweedz
So recently I have had a lot of changing moments in my life. With going back to school, moving back home (temporarily), changing friends or groups of friends, and just my priorities. I am hoping to move out at the end of the summer with a friend who I have recently been hanging out with a lot. I am noticing that few of my friendships are ending up a bit one sided. What I am not understanding is why people think that a friendship like that is ok. I end up being the only one to call them and end u...
May 19, 2005 by tweedz
So on May 18th I joined the many geeks out there who love star wars and waited in line to see a wonderful movie. Now I hadn't intended on waiting in line for 7 hours. I don't usually do things like this but this one was special. It was interesting to see the many different people who turned out for this last star wars movie. We had people dressed up in the most outrageous costumes. From obi one to darth vader. Then there was the light saber fighting that was very entertaining. The many news crew...
May 8, 2005 by tweedz
So I work in a restaraunt part time, and believe me I have delt with my fare share of rude customers. I am a host on the weekends and it always seems to be that on holidays the rudeness in people really comes out. Today for instance we had a 2 hour wait and first of all I couldn't believe people would actually wait that long to eat breakfest food. Second many people just don't understand that holidays are the busiest for most restaraunts and maybe you shouldn't bring twelve people into a restara...
May 6, 2005 by tweedz
So I was reading something one of my friends wrote on his blog sit. It was about seizing the day and about living each day as it were your last day. I love that philosophy and how it could impact my life but sometimes it seems hard to do that in a world like it is today. I think my life would be in a much better state. But on my behalf I have become if you want to say a bit more ballsy when it comes to seizing the day. I would like to think that I am seizing the day as much as I possibly can. I ...
May 4, 2005 by tweedz
You hear a faint cry of someone in the distance.
It gains the right to your curiosity.
Slowly it draws you in, and you become closer and closer.
You see a faint object that's not quite clear to you.
You move closer and the object becomes clearer to the naked eye.
Although you still aren't quite sure what it is, your curiosity draws you nearer.
This object is so close to you now,
but you still can't make out what it is.
There are so many possibilities of what it could be.
You wish that y...
May 4, 2005 by tweedz
For the guys out there. You think you know us but you don't. Most guys out there think all girls are these fragile beings whose feelings get hurt in an istant. I am here to tell you at least for me that isn't true. I wish I could find someone who would listen to me who would understand that I am not your typical female. I am however a female who wants someone who I can talk to and who can make me laugh. That above all else is extremely important. And I think that is under rated today in relation...
May 4, 2005 by tweedz
Well not to confuse every one but my new name is zuma00. I needed to match it to my other sign in names so that I could get everything right just so everyone knows.
April 18, 2005 by tweedz
Well just recently I made a leap of faith. On friday of last week I submitted my application to the Peace Corp and I am wondering if there is anyone out there who is either in it already or has been in the past. Just wondering what it was like and what kind of things you may be experiencing or did experience let me know because I would love to hear from anyone who has any input on it.
April 11, 2005 by tweedz
Well let's see working in a childcare environment there tends to be a lot of females working in one place. Which let me tell you isn't the best thing in the world. So this boss of mine recently decided to stop talking to me. To me that seems like a very unprofessional thing to do especially for someone in her position. That isn't the worst of it my friend now works with me and has decided that she doesn't want to talk to me there either because she thinks that she will get in trouble if she does...
April 11, 2005 by tweedz
So I am not your typical female. I am a very layed back person and I am very proud of that fact. Sometimes I think that guys are a little afraid of that fact. So I don't know what most guys are like but this guys is wierd. We click so well and I really like this guy but he doesn't want anything more than just to be friends. But all these signs are there and everyone says that we would be good together but to me it seems as though he wants something but is just having a hard time realizing it....
April 11, 2005 by tweedz
Hello All~

Well let's just tell a little about myself and I'll go from there. Well I am 23 years old and am living in Minnesota. I work with children and it is a very rewarding field although challenging at times. I love my job andI am in it for the kids. I amd the type of person who loves to write if I thought I could do it for a living I just might. I am hoping this blog site will let me express my feelings about everyday things that I and maybe other people are going through. I am ...
December 20, 2004 by tweedz
You hear a faint cry of someone in the distance.
It gains the right to your curiosity.
Slowly it draws you in and you become closer and closer.
You then see a faint object that is not quite clear to you.
As you move closer the object becomes clearer to you .
Although you still aren't quite sure what it is,
your curiosity draws you nearer.
This object is so close now,
but you still can't make out what it is.
There are so many possibilities.
You wish that you could focus it,
you wish...